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Drawing the Female - Instruction in Art - by Cliff Bennett

Drawing the Female - Instruction in Art by Cliff Bennett.

The book consists of 50 pages and a cover which show illustrations of the female form by the author. It was published in 1949. Offhand, because of the poses, I would say that the drawings were done from the "Model Books" of the time.

He uses the illustrations of the poses to show how to make drawings. The book has 50 pages plus a cover with illustrations on every page. The lessons include:

The figure against a solid background.
Step by step drawing of the female figure.
Proportions of the face.
Lighting the figure.
Proportions of the female figure.
From stick figure to finished drawing.
Rough drawings.
Perspective of the figure and foreshortening of the figure.
simplicity in shading sketches.
Cast shadows give the illusion of depth.
Contour drawing method.
Make a simple cardboard viewer to help you draw.
Crossed legs.
Female hair styles.
Using solid black in your drawings.
Triangular composition.
Simplify yor drawings.
Keep a sketchpad.
Vary your backgrounds.
Sketch the seated or recling figure in relation to the surface.
Clothing follows body lines.
Profile and three-quarter views.
Twisting at the hips.
Light from the front and light from behind.

Body in Art

Body in art, by Alexander Paal; with twenty-four studies sketched and analyzed by Arthur Zaidenberg - collectable edition.

A copy at Drawing the female: Instruction in art

Body in Art by Alexander Paal and Arthur Zaidenberg at

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