Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anatomia del Corpo Humano

Juan de Valverde published an influential book of anatomy in 1560 titled Anatomia del Corpo Humano composta pe M. Giouan Valverdedi Hamusco, & da luy con multi fugure di rame, et eruditi discorsiin luce mandata.

This book by Juan de Valverde is for sale on

Additional images are available at Dream Anatomy the website of the National Library of Medicie.

From the seller's description: "Printed by Nicolo Bevilacqua in Venice, for Antonio Salamanca and Antonio Lafrery at Roma, 1560.

Text in Italian: translated from the original Spanish by Antonio Tabo under Valverde's personal supervision (as stated on leaf a2r). Illustrated with a fine engraved title and 42 magnificent copperplate anatomical engravings by Nicolas Beatrizet (1507?-1570?) after drawings of Gaspar Becerra (1520-1570). This exemplar is also EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with 4 additional full page plates of muscles from the 1586 Giunta edition of this work, for the total of 46 plates! It was first published in Spanish at Rome in 1556, a year after the second edition of Vesalius' Fabrica (1555, 1st in 1543)."

Juan Valverde de Amusco y la medicina del Renacimiento (Cientificos castellanos) (Spanish Edition)

Bodily Extremities: Preoccupations With the Human Body in Early Modern European Culture (Early Modern History)

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