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Artistic Costume Designing - Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

Artistic Costume Designing was written by Louis Lipson in 1940 and revised in 1941. Mr. Lipson was the founder and director of Lipson's School of Costume Designing in Los Angeles. It is designed as a home study course, similar to many drawing courses that were popular at the time.

Not much more information is available about him but the book proves that he was well versed in costume design, he knew materials, he knew drawing and he knew the tricks of the trade.

He was also sympathetic to the aspiring student, here are a few of his notes from the introduction:

"This book is compiled for that purpose to to fulfill the desires of those who are unable to come to school or cannot afford to spend two or three years, or even one year, paying tuition. Also, some have to work for a living, and have no time to spend in travelling many miles to and from school in order to carry out their plans.

The Home Study can be of service in leading many successful men and women, as well as helping others to decide what they would like best to do in the field of Costume Designing.

Certain people have a gift for originality, but do not know how to use their ideas by putting them on paper. To have ideas and not be able to materialize them can be likened to a rushing mountain stream; potentialities unharnessed, and therefore of no practical use. Many successful people, doing the work they love, have arrived at that success by developing their latent talents This book gives each and every boy and girl, man and woman the opportunity to discover and develop hidden potential talent."

These last illustrations are from a different book by Mr. Lipson about fashion illustration.

9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion

A Manual on Figure Drawing and Fashion Designing

Here is another book available at Amazon.com Lipson's textbook of practical costume designing: Create with confidence.

Other books at Amazon.com:

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