Saturday, August 9, 2008

Figure Drawing in Color

Figure Drawings in Color. I revised this ebook and made it available as a printed book at

In it are a selection of colord life drawings by Cedric F. Weaver, a twentieth century Canadian commercial artist.  I like his simple use of black and terra cotta to produce effective drawings.

I included a step by step guide to drawing in  colors that I drew after looking at Mr. Weaver's drawings, and a section of my own drawings that I did after seeing his work.

Two of Mr. Weaver's life drawings.

First stage of the step by step example.

This shows the basic structure of the figure, the alignment of the body, particularly the alignment of the head with the center of gravity, and a basic outline.

The intermediate drawings show the addition of highlights, then shadows, followed by the addition of color and the blending of the colors to produce the final result.

Finished step by step example.

There are other drawings of mine like this in the last section of the book.

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