Sunday, June 29, 2008

Making Good Use of an Ebook

I came across this today. I noticed a few weeks ago that two of the anatomy ebooks had been purchased by a graphic designer for a newspaper and I wondered how they might turn up.

The artist made use of an image of a knee from Anatomical Atlas and of a leg from Explicatio Tabularum Anatomicarum by Bartolomeo Eustachi to make an illustration for a feature article on a torn meniscus. Here are the images from the ebooks, and the illustration from the newspaper. Besides just enjoying them, that's one way to make good use of these old, public domain images and turn them into something educational for today.

Here's a link to the article on the web.

Healing a torn meniscus - A. Shabi Khan, M.D.

And links to the ebooks:

Anatomical Atlas

Anatomical Engravings

If you have used any of the images in drawings I'd like to see them.

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