Thursday, November 21, 2013

1807 Copper Engravings by Charles Normand

Apollo Sauroctonos, Left  and Eros, Right

David, Left  and Antique Sculpture, Right

Engravings of sculptures by Charles-Pierre-Joseph Normand, French architect, engineer, and engraver (1765-1840) Oxford Reference

The prints are for sale on ebay.

Engravings of Paintings: Adam and Eve by Jean-Jacques le Barbier, Adam and Eve by Carlo Cignani, Adam and Eve by Josepin all in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Prints engraved by Charles Pierre Joseph Normand at

1807 Copper Engraving Apollo Sauroctonos - Original Copper Engraving

1807 Copper Engraving Ancient Greek Statue Paros Greece - Original Copper Engraving

1807 Copper Engraving Eros - Original Copper Engraving

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